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First Class Content to Elevate Your Brand

Let your brand take off in style.


Brand Storytelling | Creative Copywriting | Content Creation

Who Am I ?

I’m Laura, but my friends call me Lo. I guess Laura is just one too many syllables. Sounds right?

I’m a passion-writer, frequent flyer, and professional wordsmith based in New York City. Although I have found a version of “home” in 36 countries around the globe.

I work with Tech and Media brands that want to upgrade their brand from economy to first class through authentically rich storytelling and creative copywriting.

My goal is to help you connect with your dream customers and make more sales. You can learn more about me here.

Schedule a free consultation with me if you want to get on that upgrade list.

So, How Can I Help You?

  Do you often find yourself at a loss for words when it comes to your brand story?

Or, maybe you are just missing the resources to bring that beautiful brand content to life.

Have you been self-diagnosed with the almighty dreaded writer’s block … dun dun dun? *Stares at blank screen until mind goes numb*

Or maybe you feel like your brand copy is stuck in the back row of economy.

I am here to help you find those sweet wishful words and piece them together in a way that will pull at your soon-to-be customers heart strings. 

Let’s get your brand bumped up to first class. $$$  Cue the sweet tinkerbell percussion… “Would you like complimentary bubbly with that”?

Time for take off. 

How I Can Help Elevate Your Brand:

What's your Content Status?

Is your copy currently silver, platinum, or diamond medallion? Let’s see if your brand copy might be a diamond-in-the-rough needing a buff and polish.

Includes: 1-hour live consulting session; copy review, user experience feedback, design ideas, optimization brainstorm, and actionable next steps.

* 1 hour includes 2 content pieces – $250


App Store Take Off

Maybe you don’t care about your website copywriting because you’re way too focused on building an awesome app. I’m here to help increase those DL’s! Let’s ensure your app doesn’t miss a beat once your dream customer reaches that point of “to download, or not to download”. That should not be a question.

Includes: App store copywriting for iTunes and Google Play

* 1 week turnaround for $900 



Let's Tell Your Story and Get You Upgraded

Let’s boost your brand copy from economy to first class. We will work closely together on your brand story, core values, audience profiles, and key messaging to attract and hook your dream customers and make sales.

Includes: Storytelling consulting sessions and development of your Brand Messaging and Writing Style Guide Book (3-6 weeks development).

*Custom pricing, services, and timeline, starting at $2,900


Lift Off Together

Hire me to be your dedicated copywriter and storyteller for a project, launch, or brand initiative. 

*Custom pricing, services, and timeline


Looking for help with something more specific?

I write all sorts of content for businesses like yours. Set up time with me so we can explore all the ways I can help you with your copywriting, content creation, and storytelling needs.

Or send me an e-note: