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I’m here for you, so let’s find out why I matter to you and how we can work together…

I’m a first-class wordsmith who wants to bring your brand’s soul to life … in style.

I create rich soul-copy for the “first-class should be’s”.

Heres My Short Tale 

For my Shortish Tale click here.

I spent 11 years selling ads and technology for companies ranging from pre-IPO startups to super Americas’ NewsCorp. I spent most of my career selling nerdy technology for Google. I even sold “the cloud”  without sounding too fluffy.

I made 90% of my sales over storytelling and self-created copy with big grin meetings in between.

I finally followed my universal calling to become a creative copywriter and brand storyteller.

I write every damn day: for fun, for cries, for laughs, for business, and to make people feel ohhh so alive.

Most importantly, I write because I’m on a mission to help you.

Yes, I’m talking to YOU.

I know the importance of your brand copy and the messaging craftsmanship needed to attract your dream customers and make sales. 

I strive to be the most authentic no-BS storyteller for your brand. I promise to keep it real, treat your brand like my own, write with soul, stay unique, and deliver smooth-like-butta content.

Let’s take off together.

*Cork pop*

Clink clink.

Prefer to e-meet first? I love email too.

PS. If you are a frequent flyer and world traveler like me, check out my travel blog If the Sun Set East

Monthly Food for Thought:

“What unites people? … Armies? Gold? Flags?… Stories. There is nothing more powerful in the world than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it” ~Tyrion Lannister