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My Shortish Story

Our stories begin the day we are born, told through tiny monumental moments that shape who we are and why we are here. Each of us has a story composed of a million moments in time that unfold with every little thought, feeling, emotion, and decision. I perceive and believe that any single moment in time can change our life dramatically – I’m a firm believer in that butterfly effect.

Isn’t it incredible what our minds can absorb and hold onto? I have so many vivid memories from my childhood that created the foundation of my story.

My love for travel? My mom was a flight attendant and there was nothing I looked forward to more than flying. The excitement flooding through my body when we packed up my little suitcase has never faded, it’s only grown.

I will never forget the moments when I anxiously sat in my front yard in Dallas, TX awaiting my grandparents motor home to appear on the horizon to take me and my sister on a road trip. Those road trips built my sense of fascination with seeing the world. At the age of 5 I knew I was an explorer who would forever be traveling around the globe. I’m also a life path 5 in numerology which is the freedom seeker and deep thinker. I’m always pondering big universal questions, like how the F* did we get here? Traveling helps me find answers.

My fear of closets in the dark? I remember the first time I saw a “real ghost”. I was extremely young but I never forget a face. She creeped out of my closet and we stared at each other eye to eye for way too long. She reminded me of the Wicked Witch of the East; she had a long nose and even longer fingernails running through her greasy knotted hair. She was absolutely terrifying and showed up regularly in my nightmares.

Fast forward to 2019 and I finally decided to stop being afraid of her; to stop being afraid of the dark. I choose to see the light behind every closed door.

For the sake of this current shortish story, I will start in 2008. There I am, 20 years old walking through campus as a very lost young soul attending Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, CA.

I went to school with aspirations of becoming a writer and spent most of my time reading fancy literature and writing painful thesis papers. I was a bit obsessed with Romeo and Juliet and actually wrote a 25-page paper on my analysis and theory of the fictional love tragedy, which is still gathering dust at the Cal Poly Library. Poor romantic thesis paper – such a tragedy.

One day while taking a snack break between chapters of Shakespeare, I saw a job posting on our college job board for a secretary position at a tech startup in our college town. I was a part-time nanny at the time but always on the job lookout because I had to financially support myself through school.

I remember that interview so vividly just like it happened yesterday. I felt so nervous that my palms were literally sweating. This was my first “real business” interview and the entire time I thought “I’m bombing this”.

The sweet woman interviewing me interrupted my insecure thoughts… “so we have a better role for you, have you ever considered sales”?

That ladies and gents, marks a monumental moment and question that would change my life forever.

“Hmmm.. I have never considered sales, are you offering me a sales job”?

“Yes, can you start next week”?

I didn’t hesitate for a second – “Yes I can! Of course! Thank you so much I am so grateful”! The rest is history. I abandoned my friends Hemingway, Shakespeare, and my gal Jane Austen to follow those commission checks.

Accepting a job at News Corporation and moving across the country:

When I told my favorite Professor I was moving to the Big Apple to sell advertising I could feel the disappointment in her unwavering glaring gaze. She told me she didn’t understand where the wind was taking me.

My mom was sweeping leaves off our back porch at our home in San Diego when I told her. I thought she was going to throw the broom and burst into tears.

There I went. Before I knew it I was flying to NYC to work at super Americas NewsCorp just one week after I graduated. I was scared but ecstatic. I had a dreamy vision of being just like Kate Hudson in How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days.

I was extremely mistaken. I was selling national coupon and grocery store advertising attempting to balance an 8-8 work week that brought those benders on the weekends. I couldn’t walk barefoot in our old East Village apartment without getting splinters. I was living off cheap food delivery and most definitely did not have the income to wine-and dine nor dress-to-impress to land my own Matthew McConaughey. I actually gained the “New York 25 lbs” which was a combination of sitting for 10 hours a day and being too poor for healthy eating.

Landing my “Dream Job” at Google:

After 2 years of pretending to be someone I most certainly was not I fell into a depression. I knew I couldn’t sit and sulk in misery forever so I decided to pour my heart and soul into landing my dream job at Google.

I’m a huge believer in destiny and landing that job was a huge milestone for me. I wouldn’t be here writing these words right now if it weren’t for that job offer in September 2011. To this day, that is still one of my biggest accomplishments and one of the highest highs I have ever felt.

Moving to San Francisco after NYC ate me alive:

I can’t pinpoint the breaking point but there was a job at Google that opened up in the Bay Area and my instinct told me to go for it. That’s the exact moment that I discovered intuition is my superpower and to always trust my gut, heart, and soul. Decisions don’t always need to be logical or from the mind. Actually, the best and most impactful decisions I have ever made have always been spontaneous without thinking twice.

After I spent one year falling in love with San Francisco and back in love with my life, I finally had my Kate Hudson moment and found my best friend and husband Bryan.

I also gained the confidence to take a risk and leave what was once my “dream job” at Google to experience start-up life. I wanted to learn as much as I could about building a business.

If I didn’t make that quick decision to go for the job in SF and make the move, I don’t know where on Earth I would be today and I really don’t want to know. No regrets.

Going back to Google in my favorite city, the city that previously ate me alive.

Talk about a love -hate relationship. Oh, the irony of life. Sweet mysterious destiny. After 4 years in San Francisco I somehow ended up taking another job offer with Google and moving across the country (again) with my fiance and dog. Without a doubt this was another quick decision.

The emotional turmoil it took on me was aggressive. The energy of NYC made me feel so alive but I started falling into another vicious cycle of unhappiness and lack of fulfillment. I was far from family, planning a wedding from 3,000 miles away, and feeling like a robot in a job that I had zero passion for. My job made me feel pretty empty inside.

But luckily I had the Highlight of My Short-ish Story during that time: Marrying my husband and feeling the highest high of my entire freakin’ life.

After all the high-on-life celebrations were over, those NYC winter blues snuck up on me and… dun…dun…dun… I plummeted.

I finally ditched the fear and heavyweight to lift off and follow my daydreams:

My awakening was triggered by a soul-sucking passionless job combined with soulless childhood friendships. The latter even more so. I was holding onto people that sucked the life out of me because I was holding onto my past. I’m talking about people who wanted me to trip on my wedding dress and face plant on my wedding day (and they were standing next to me at the altar while I said my vows to make things even worse).

I struggled with these relationships for over a year trying to do everything I could to hold onto our friendship, but they gave me nothing in return. They refused to have real-life conversations with me so there was no real relationship anymore, but instead only animosity, judgment, gossip, and complete misunderstanding. 

I lost myself; I lost so much of my self-love and confidence from those hurtful relationships. My acupuncturist actually told me if I didn’t set those friendships sail that the universe would do it for me a lot sooner than expected. He was right– literally one month later they deleted me on social media and ghosted me. 16 years of friendship … poof… vanished. Those cherished roots growing deep in the ground, simply uprooted in utter silence.

Crazy enough the trauma worked out in my favor. The universe has its’ own mysterious ways of clearing our path. When that extremely painful ghosting happened, the fog completely lifted. I decided to finally follow my truest dreams. I felt like a shriveled rose that was re-blossoming just like the one in Beauty and the Beast.

First clear sky realization? My job was a vampire accomplice sucking the life out of me and I needed to make a fast plan. I needed to GTFO of my robot-like bubble within a bubble and create my own destiny. It was time to turn pain into power and fear into courage.

My Husband and I followed our dream to travel around the world, which allowed me to finally follow my dream of starting my own creative business:

We spring cleaned our entire life and sold or donated 75% of everything we owned. I let go of everything that was bringing me down or no longer serving me. I pulled up the anchors so I could start rising higher.

We bought a one-way ticket to see the world together. We talked about doing this together and saved up for years but it always felt like a far-away-fantasy. We finally made it a reality. We saw 21 countries across 5 continents and it was magical. My perspective on the world expanded to combustion.

I knew I wanted to build my own creative business centered around writing for years, and the time was finally here to start manifesting my dreams. I registered my LLC  just a couple of months before we left the country with absolutely no solid plan, but a lot of passion and determination. I knew I needed to trust the process. So you know what I did? I started writing. Every damn day. I started a passion blog and I journaled religiously for over 300 days until my visions kept getting clearer and clearer. I was inspired. I wanted to create and inspire others. I finally rediscovered my true self again.

Now, here I am. I have been building a storytelling business so I can help you express your truth and build your own brand and business through stories. I  hope you become part of my story, and I really can’t wait to be a part of yours.

Prefer to e-meet before an official meet? I love email too.

Monthly Food for Thought:

“What unites people? … Armies? Gold? Flags?… Stories. There is nothing more powerful in the world than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it” ~Tyrion Lannister

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